Who we are

South African Union of Students (SAUS) is a students’ structure that was officially launched by the merging of South African Technikon Students’ Union (SATSU) and South African Universities Student Representative Councils (SAU-SRC) in April of 2006.

The SAUS structure is established through consensus of students within
the higher education sector via their respective Students Representative
Councils. We aim to consolidate and strengthen students’ view in the governance and enhancement of Higher Education and Training in South Africa. We are committed to building a unified, equitable, non-sexist, non-racial, democratic and well governed education system that is appropriate and responsive to the needs of South Africa, Africa and the world and which provides a conducive environment for learning, teaching and research and community service.

We believe that education, through excellence in learning, teaching and research and community service, must positively respond to the needs of both students and the economic, social, cultural and political development imperatives and needs of our country, region, continent and the world.

Our Mission

To organize all the students in institutions of higher learning through student representative councils and to make education accessible to all. We are committed to engaging key stakeholders to create a conducive learning and supportive intellectual environment that attracts and connect people through teaching, learning, research and scholarship. We will actively advance the agenda of transformation, inclusivity and diversity within our universities and TVET colleges.

Our Vision

To provide an important platform for student engagement and provide selfless services to ensure that all students & youths realize their dreams. SAUS remains an inclusive and engaged non-partisan student union that inspires creativity and success through outstanding representation of students in higher learning, enhancing the lives of our members and; advancing a more equitable and sustainable social order and influencing the higher education policy.


Honestly and integrity

Non-racialism and non-sexism.

Unity and development

Academic freedom

Servant Leadership

Transparency and accountability.

Academic excellence.

Reliability and consistency.

Dependability and efficiency.


Our Aims & Objectives

Promote, protect and advance the interests of all students regardless of race, class, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, age, political affiliation or ideology and disability status;

Promote the development of an education system that provides equity of access, opportunity and outcomes and positively responds to the needs of both students and economic, social, cultural and needs of our country, region and continent;

Participate in efforts to prioritise education in general and higher education in particular on the social development agenda of African and the world at large;

Promote the use of knowledge, competencies and skills that are acquired through education as a means for contributing to the broader agenda of socio-economic development, the building of democracy and nation building;

Pledge solidarity with and support for students whose rights and interest may be violated and or threatened;

Initiate, promote and maintain co-operation and interactions with other organisations at national and international level;

Build and enhance the capacity of affiliated members through interactive workshops and forums.